Cathedral of the Nativity of Holy Mary

Considered the most important church in the city of Syracuse. Its style is mainly Baroque and Rococo on the outside, while inside it alternates parts dating back to the Siceliot era, as belonging to the Greek temple, and parts dating back to the Middle Ages, built by the Normans and thus left up to the present day.

Temple of Apollo

The temple of Apollo (Apollónion) is one of the most important monuments of Ortigia, in front of the Pancali square in Syracuse. It is certainly the oldest Doric temple in the Greek West. Dated to the beginning of the 6th century BC, it is therefore the oldest Doric temple in Sicily.

The Maniace Castle

The Maniace castle (in dialect Maniaci castle) is one of the most important monuments of the Swabian period in Syracuse and one of the best known Frederick's castles. The castle takes its name from the Byzantine commander Giorgio Maniace, Prince and Vicar of the Emperor of Constantinople.

Source Aretusa

The Fonte Aretusa is a body of water on the island of Ortigia, in the oldest part of the Sicilian city of Syracuse. Its origin is the development of one of the many outlets of the water table found in the Syracusan area. It has a double circular shape, with a circular structure inside, that is a double concentric circle.

Tropical aquarium

The tropical aquarium of Syracuse is a place, currently closed to the public, where there are various fish coming mostly from the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, including the Arethusean coasts, finally lakes and rivers of tropical environments such as South America and Africa .